12/09/2014 A bit more of a reflective time now, after the frenzy of the past three months. Summertime was filled with very difficult personal events for two of the band members and we were all involved. As a consequence there were unexpected changes to our line-up and that definitely put our resilience to the test. Today we feel proud as the effort to keep playing live through those difficult times has paid back. Last weekend we were on the road again, stronger than ever, and it felt great. We played the North of England both Sheffield and Wakefield, made new friends and re-aquatinted with old ones, we got new pics and vids in particularly from the Snooty Fox show in Wakefield, which look pretty cool 🙂 We'll upload something on YouTube soon. We're currently in the process of planning the next shows, in particularly a semi-acoustic one in London beginning of December, to resonate with the mystical/dreamy Christmas spirit. We're also making plans for some European shows, while Dan, who just left for California, will try to set us up with some US gigs for next year. Work in progress - more later as we confirm details. Meanwhile seeds of new songs are growing; some are full on rock destined for the next full band album, others are aimed at my solo acoustic project. Stay tuned, there's many more things on the horizon to look forward to! - Grace