Oh what a trip! I had been West in the USA before but never East. My trip was triggered by Gordon Lightfoot’s concert at BB King’s. I had to see him live! He was incredible.

In addition to visiting the most emotion filled and inspiring places I made some amazing connections.
In particular Alex Forbes and Peter Bliss. One Saturday afternoon I went to the Bitter End in Greenwich Village as there was a songwriter workshop along with Shelley Peikan’s book launch. That single accidental event shaped up the rest of my stay in NYC. Incredible, huh?

As a result of that event I had the privilege to be invited to Peter’s studio near Central Park and we ended up co-writing a song together. It was quite surreal being in a New York studio booth recording guide vocals for a song, considering Peter and I had just met a few days before! Looking forward to playing our song live!

I took part in a lyric workshop run by Pat Pattison of Berklee School of Music. He’s such an inspiration! One of my favorite artists, Gillian Welch, has been a student of his.

Also I performed at Sidewalk Café in East Village, just my acoustic guitar and me in front of a totally unknown audience… it felt quite challenging but it went down well.
I can’t wait to go back!