22/08/2012 We finished recording the new album! Yesterday we had a special guest, Diego Laverde, playing harp on the acoustic track, "The woman by the river". Also chromatic harmonica player Steve Nurse put down some lovely colors. They played our last 2 recording sessions. So great to collaborate with such talented musicians! Amongst those, Mariangela Demurtas recorded some blasting backing vocals on a fast track called "Electro". Bjorn is doing the last edits. He did an incredible job setting up the recording studio and running the sessions... he's a great sound engineer to work with! We've been trying to document the various steps of the process and so we came up with “recording process - part 2-“ which gives you a quick taste of how we did things all together. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4hI4evU4M4 So far it's been a great experience as a band going through months of hard rewarding work. I have to say that the love I have for our music/sound/lyrics helped me going through difficult times. Now we are hunting for the right mixing engineer who can mix our album with the same passion and skills that we put in preparing, producing and recording each song and story that will make up this album. Also we are looking for the right album title... we have a few candidates... and yet no winner! The title opens up different possibilities for the artwork and we wanna make sure we choose something that represents the mood and concept of the album... Stay tuned! - Grace