17/03/2012 It's been a very exciting time for us as a band! I finished the lyrics for all the songs on the album and am very fond of them. We recorded/edited incessantly for several days and we got six new songs sounding really good :). Having our own studio is a blessing. Well...mostly for Dan, Maurizio and myself. Bjorn in fact is wearing 2 hats and has to juggle between bass playing and sound engineering... I still wonder how he does it ;). The guys were recording downstairs while I was 2 floors above recording vocals. Great to be playing all together instead of tracking it separately! We need to add layers and layers of guitars and need to record more bass and backing vocals. This is gonna be done after the Easter break. Dan just flew to California and Bjorn to Australia... oh boy.. everyone is a traveller in this band! And I'll be travelling soon too... - Grace