08/11/2012 Halfway through mixing and we’re moving forward slowly but surely. We’re at Assault & Battery studios, where mixing engineer Darren Lawson is helping the songs to come to life. It’s a little bit like deconstructing and reconstructing sounds… quite exciting in fact, even though, to be honest, this is not my favorite part of the process. This studio is in the heart of London and is amazing, with a big SSL desk and belongs to Alan Moulder and Flood. The first thing we noticed on the walls was the gold & platinum records with which they were awarded for working with Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails and The Killers. Considering Dan and I are big Smashing Pumpkins fans, that gave us quite a thrill :). From time to time we lose Dan as he leaves the room to try out the vintage Fender Jazzmaster and 2 Jaguars next door. Bjorn is happy about the studio gear and I’m simply soaking in the good vibes. We had a Halloween gig which brought us back to the real world… playing live always gives a good rush of adrenaline in true connection with our fans. Artwork is coming along as well! Our latest photoshoot resulted in cool images and amongst those we chose the one for the album cover. Good stuff 🙂 - Grace