05/10/2013 We had a great album launch in London… thanks to everyone who was there! Special thanks go to Walter Raes http://www.walterworks.co.uk He’s the fabulous artist who made the white Cola dress I’m wearing on the Hundred Years Apart CD cover. For the album launch gig Walter gave me a dress made in black cable ties, looking all spiky! He also customised the mic stand and gave us a very peculiar lamp for the merchandise area. Pictures and videos will be posted soon. We’re very pleased about the way things are going; we keep getting more reviews and airplay. In particular we’d like to mention the American website Sonic Cathedral (see our PRESS page) which gave Hundred Years Apart 9/10. Also our video Electro is getting picked by some Sky channels and we should get it more widespread soon. We’re about to embark on a UK autumn tour which will end in London on Sunday 24 November. On that date we’ll be supporting great French band Kells. For the complete list please visit our GIG page. Look forward to meeting old and new fans on tour!! Last but not least, thanks everyone for your support! We hope you’re enjoying our new album and please keep your feedback coming. And if you haven’t bought a CD yet… get in touch asking for your copy to be signed by the band! - Grace