It's been a long winter but quite rewarding for us as a band. The biggest news is that we started recording the songs for our second album! This is gonna keep us busy throughout 2011, hence we're playing less shows than usual. The new album is meant to be a bit more adventurous than our debut "New Moon" and sees exciting collaborations with musicians from different backgrounds. Also we just set up a new Facebook Grace Solero Official page for the band: go to and give us your "Like" thumbs up, if you like! That way you will be kept up to date with all our music stuff and the progress of the new album. Back to the songs. We've been working on different solutions for the arrangements and sound of our new songs. Pedro Caparros, from the metal band Breed 77, has been helping us out. So far it's proven to be a winning collaboration, considering your positive comments after our last two London gigs at the Water Rats and Club 229. Thanks so much for being there and for your precious feedback! Feel free to get in touch through our guestbook with any questions and comments you might have. Also through our Facebook page. Your ideas are much appreciated!!! That's all for now. Til next time stay tuned and stay well! - Grace