Happy New Year! On 2 January we restarted pre-production sessions for our new album, working on 4 new tracks with the help of Pedro Caparros from Breed 77. We are moving forward slowly but surely, taking time to re-arrange ideas and make sense of all the creative frenzy. Songs are shaping up nicely! Got a few lyrics down, but really need to crack on writing more lyrics, as the music is desperately calling for more of my inner world to come out and be shared. We should get back into the studio at some point in February to carry on recording. So far we have 6 tracks recorded but not mixed yet, as we decided to mix the whole album once we finish recording the rest of the tracks. The new website is coming along. There are more videos and pictures to be added, but it's up and running. Well done to our drummer Maurizio for re-designing it and of course, we welcome all your feedback! - Grace