09/11/2013 We made it back from the wilds of our UK tour! Great to play in all sorts of places up and down England and Wales. We even got to spend a night in a double-decker bus turned into a dream band bus that has tons of bunk beds, heat, a bathroom and kitchen. Thanks to Malcom at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield for putting us up! We had a cool support band for the whole tour, The Black Tears, and they play some tasty grungy rock. Their songs are great and they're just really fun people to hang out with! It's really intense playing several nights in a row but definitely gets things sounding better and better. And we've got to meet some of our fans. In particular one of them, Simon, gave us hospitality for the night and even cooked breakfast for us the next morning... how cool is that?! We'll be back on the road in the New Year. Meanwhile connect to our official Facebook page where you can read updates in real time and see our silly pictures. Our next show will be in London, Sun 24th Nov, and will mark the end of our Autumn tour. It's most likely to be our last gig for this year and we hope to see many of you there! - Grace