We had lots of fun and great gigs in Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam. We played 1-hour long shows, which normally doesn't happen in London. Being on the road was tiring but also very exciting. We met new people and made new fans. Hamburg was the longest stay, our accomodation was in the St. Pauli quarter, just above the well known Jolly Roger pub. Not far from there is Beatles-Platz, where they have silhouette statues of the Beatles. We popped our heads in the Beatles head frames and had a picture taken. Our knowledge of the German language was pretty poor apart from our drummer who's actually able to speak some and explained the dishes before we ordered the food.

Monkeys Club in Hamburg is a cool place with a nice promoter and good sound & lighting system.
Here are links to a review from that show, published on Metal On Loud Magazine



White Trash in Berlin is unique, with the look of Bohemian kitschy junkyard. Both the sound engineer and the promoter are from San Francisco, so speaking to them we felt a little bit like being in California. Lots of tattoo artists were in the crowd, as there's a tattoo parlour in the venue. Nice to connect with other creative people!

And lastly, CC Muziek Cafe in Amsterdam was surprisingly good. The smallest venue with the biggest number of hard rock fans, just loving our music and buying lots of merchandise. The promoter was very supportive. Shortly after we finished playing, the club started. As that was the last night before traveling back to London, we unleashed ourselves on the dance floor. Mostly dancing on rap music. That was really dancetastic!

Nice to be back in London now with a new, reignited energy for the new songs!