Lately we had a chance to play a few shows semi-acoustically and really enjoyed them! We had such a good response from the crowd that we thought the songs deserved to be recorded with this minimalistic formula. Full of excitement we got into the studio in what’s been recorded as the hottest day of this summer! Luckily the temperature at One Cat Studios was cool and working with Jon was a real pleasure. We decided to play and sing everything together at the same time. If you wanna have a rough idea of the stripped down sound watch the videos from the Susy Radio session on this website’s acoustic page. I you prefer to wait, we’ll be releasing some of the studio material at some point soon.

Meanwhile we keep working on new songs for our next electric album. It’s taking time but songs are shaping up nicely!
Also a few gigs have been booked in France for the end of October. And we'll be supporting Phil Campbell (Motorhead's guitarist) in Swansea on Nov 4th.

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