21 November 2020

Lockdown is giving us a chance to rethink about life in general and what really matters. While still mixing the new album, we decided to release the first single ‘Awake’ on 10 July 2020; a song about rebirth and spiritual healing, so very much needed at this particular time. We had an amazing response to both the song and the video that accompanies the track. Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycVc0HFePas

Our second single ‘Lucid Dream’ has been released a few days ago and it’s pretty different from the first in mood and pace. It came out of our band’s impromptu jam during soundcheck while touring France. Listen here: : https://soundcloud.com/grace-solero/lucid-dream

As far as gigs go, we played a few selected online shows, quite different from performing in front of a real crowd; still heartwarming and unexpectedly powerful in creating new connections as well as nurturing the existing ones. In August Dan and I played the first gig out of lockdown on top of Primrose Hill, on a beautiful summer day. We had two acoustic guitars and microphones going through our busking amps. The amazing view of London was the perfect backdrop. The show turned out to be all the more special because of random passers by who ended up stopping to listen, forming a keen crowd, socially distanced. Amongst them was TV presenter Claudia Peifer who was so taken aback she decided to make a nice piece/video interview for her Ta-dah channel.
Watch here: https://ta-dah.tv/first-open-air-live-gig-after-spring-lockdown-2020-grace-solero-on-primrose-hill

Recently I wrote a song for the Bushwick Book Club in New York, in response to William Melvin Kelley’s collection of short stories ‘Dancers On The Shore’. Wonderful to be part of their online event! Here’s the song, performed from my place: http://gracesolero.com/wordpress/video/the-love-of-my-lifeat-bushwick-book-club

Before the second lockdown we played a socially distanced gig, also broadcast online, at the Art Social Club in London, run by lovely artist Jana De Vos. Following the success of that show we’ve been asked to provide live music at creative workshops in the run up to Christmas.