20 May 2020

For the entire world this has been the weirdest and most surreal season of all times probably since WW2. All of us in this together, testing our resilience, united by so many deaths. Also united by acts of kindness as we’ve strived to support one another, at least here in London.

Very saddened by all the lost lives. So much heartache all around.
I won’t comment on how things could have been handled differently by the various governments in the world. Don’t wanna turn this blog into something bitterly political, not now.

As family goes, mine and and the band’s families kept safe.
I had my stint with the virus and got away with minor health implications.

But from coronavirus I lost a friend I love and deeply admire, Alan Merrill.
A great songwriter (he wrote the Joan Jett hit song ‘I Love Rock ’n’ Roll’ and tons more), a passionate performer, and most importantly a beautiful soul, generous with his time and truly caring about people. Alan was very inclusive and would make everyone feel they were part of his world. Immediately, as soon as you met him; a very special quality to have.

Last time I saw Alan was in New York at the end of September 2019, when Dan and I shared the stage with him at The Bitter End. He sent me a Birthday message on 2 March and on 29 March he was gone.

Saddened and shocked, still in full lockdown, we decided to record a video tribute performing Shake Me, one of Alan’s song.

Alan’s music lives on! Watch our video here:


On a different note, our new album is currently being mixed. To help us finish the album we have decided to use a fundraiser page and in return we’re offering various different opportunities to you. So you can be part of our creative journey. For instance, would you like to be come to a rehearsal, or maybe host a house concert, or simply get some hand written lyrics?
Check out all the cool pledge items on our fundraiser page, you won’t find them anywhere else!