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Fundraiser for new album . . . . . . . . . . . . we need you!


We are very excited as we are mixing the new album!
But now we need YOU to finish it, so we have decided to use a fundraiser page.
Click here to Check out all the cool pledge items. You will not find them anywhere else!

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BBC Radio 6

20 July 2021

Our song ‘Lucid Dream’ was recently on BBC Radio 6. As in Tom Robinson’s words “Taking no prisoners, that’s Lucid Dream by Grace Solero‚Ķ immense hard-hitting London band” …

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Alan Merrill / the pandemic

20 May 2020

For the entire world this has been the weirdest and most surreal season of all times probably since WW2. All of us in this together, testing our resilience, …

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